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What’s your Life (U) style? – LIFE Flex Overview

A flexible education schedule is a successful education schedule. LIFE Flex is an innovative approach to course delivery that provides students with flexibility and multiple learning opportunities. In Fall Quarter 2021, students had the ability for the first time to choose to engage with classes in three different learning...
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Faces of LIFE- Dr. Erica Tomory

Dr. Erica Tomory called Long Island, New York home for much of her life before moving to Georgia with her family when she was 32. Dr. Tomory’s older brother has been diagnosed with multiple disabilities, and watching her brother learning to navigate his environment with those challenges inspired her to delve deeper into education and, later, what service looks like for people with disabilities.

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Making Spring Break Count

Here we are, that sweet spot between quarters allowing everyone to recuperate from term papers and late-night cram study sessions. You should never lose sight of the fact that break is break and should be about recharging those batteries, but it’s also incredibly easy to get to the end of any break from school with the realization that you’ve gotten a little too far from the day-to-day disciplines of school.

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Healthy Video Game Habits

A day-to-day problem that we all face in the 21st century that earlier generations didn’t encounter (at least not in nearly the same way) is how we all have to monitor our “screen time” or how much time we spend at the computer or on our phone.

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Faces of LIFE- Dr. Stephanie Wakefield

Dr. Wakefield is relatively new to Life U, having only come on board in Fall 2020. Yet in her short time at Life U thus far, Dr. Wakefield has left several positive waves in her wake. “I really enjoy working at Life U, and one of the things I love is the openness of the University and the community here to create this new program—this Human Ecology program—and trying innovative teaching and learning methods, like outdoor learning, active learning,” said Dr. Wakefield.

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Human Ecology and Designing Our World

Today we take a look at a program that similarly requires a bit of explaining, beginning with the title: Human Ecology. the field of “ecology” is defined as “the study of the relationships between living organisms, including humans, and their physical environment. Ecology considers organisms at the individual, population, community, ecosystems and biosphere level.

Fizzy Drinks and Empty Calories
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Fizzy Drinks and Empty Calories

As our blog has touched on many times, staying healthy and feeling your best requires monitoring and maintaining a lot of little interconnected habits from regular exercise, to our diet to simply how we hold ourselves in the world. Today we are going to look at one of these habits that many people struggle with: fizzy drinks with empty calories.

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Faces of Life – Kyle Padilla

Hands-on learning and a public servant mindset come naturally to Kyle Padilla. Padilla is a Doctor of Chiropractic student and Student Ambassador at Life University. Originally from Oregon, Padilla grew up on his family’s small farm as one of seven boys. His parents supported several children through the foster care system and actually adopted three of their kids.