Academic Affairs has been working diligently in recent years to not only digitize our Academic Catalog and our curriculum change process, but also to create a more user-friendly way that students, faculty and staff can access curriculum information.

We have partnered with Digarc (Digital Architecture), who is a leader in higher education curriculum management software solutions. Acalog is the platform that we have been using for our Academic Catalog since 2015; however, we are excited to announce that in the past year we have acquired our second Digarc solution: Curriculog.

Curriculog allows the online tracking, changing and approval of curriculum change proposals, starting from proposal origination all the way to publication in the upcoming catalog. This Fall Quarter, our implementation team, put together from representatives from Academic Affairs, the Registrar’s Office and Online Education, has hosted trainings for all individuals who have a hand in our Curriculog change.  These trainings were for Academic Program Coordinators, Curriculum Committee Chairs and Members, Deans, VPAA, and other administrators. We are looking forward to Winter 2020, at which time our curriculum change process will be fully online, resulting in clearer and consistent information and the ability to electronically track a proposal throughout its entire process. Thank you to all who have been involved in this process.