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Faces of LIFE: Jermaine Alexander

Jermaine Alexander is a Cleveland, Ohio native and began working at Life University in June of 2023. Alexander works in the Life U Fitness Center and with the Student Affairs Office, handling the Campus Recreation & Wellness. He is active in creating programs for faculty, staff and students alike; his enthusiasm and energy for the work that he does is palpable from the moment one interacts with him.

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At-Home Beginner Workouts for Study Breaks

Life University students are no strangers to hitting the books, especially with finals on the horizon. That said, a healthy body equals a healthy mind, so it is important to get the body moving periodically in order to perform at your best. It’s necessary to have some quick exercises that you can do at home to feel more energized and healthier while studying or anytime you need a boost. Look at some beginner workout moves you can use when you need to move.

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Counseling Services Available to Life U Students

To say that collegiate studies can be a little stressful is quite an understatement. Fear not, however, as Counseling Services at Life U are available to help students cope with stress in healthy ways. In order to help make sure that our student body understands the resources available to them, here is an outline of our counseling programs and workshops.

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For a Happy, Healthy Heart

With Valentine’s Day this month, a happy heart can mean several different things. We talk of “matters of the heart” when what we really mean are “matters of the brain,” our psychological and emotional selves. But there is another form of a happy heart, which...
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Appreciating Home with Pablo Neruda

While this space often talks about wellness in terms of healthy hearts and active muscles, today we are thinking about wellness regarding the relationship between ourselves and our environment. Many college students over the next few weeks will go through individual versions of the same experience.

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Marietta, Georgia, May 17, 2021 – NeuroLIFE Institute (NLI) is expanding the treatment options it offers to patients in the metro Atlanta area as well as those needing more complex care. An applied clinical neuroscience clinic located on the campus of Life University (LIFE) in Marietta, Georgia, the NLI’s mission is to provide the highest level chiropractic neurological care and to be a resource for patients and doctors locally, nationally and internationally.