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Marietta, Georgia, February 11, 2019 – Life University (LIFE) is proud to have been one of the first chiropractic colleges to publicly denounce the ACA Choosing Wisely campaign. On September 19, 2017, LIFE’s President Dr. Rob Scott discussed the University’s opposition to the campaign in a publication of Today’s Chiropractic Leadership (TCL).

LIFE’s Doctor of Chiropractic program has long advocated for the continued necessity for radiographs for the purpose of identifying and correcting vertebral subluxation and for the efficacy and safety of delivering a chiropractic adjustment. From 2008-2010, LIFE contested a concern for over-utilization of x-rays by the CCE. In successfully advocating for the use of plain film radiographs, LIFE argued that in addition to the triggers for medical necessity, the presence of appropriate indicators for specific chiropractic techniques that rely on x-rays are applicable criteria for “chiropractic necessity” of radiographs if appropriately documented in a patient’s record.

As the ACA Choosing Wisely radiographic recommendations are only inclusive of triggers for medical necessity, LIFE strongly rejects these recommendations and any guideline, standard or criteria that limits the necessary and appropriate tools for a Doctor of Chiropractic to safely and efficaciously identify and correct vertebral subluxation.

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