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Faces of LIFE

Chantelle Frazier

Originally, Frazier was pre-med with the intentions of going to medical school. “I actually worked in a hospital surrounded by doctors, nurses and PT’s, and they all looked pretty miserable,” she shared. “I realized I didn’t think this was the kind of energy I wanted to be around because it’s kind of draining.”

My 1st Quarter

Tracy Lefebre

Relax into being yourself. You are learning the knowledge, but we all bring the things we have already experienced in life.


TCL October 28: John Loud

Life University Vice President of University Advancement Dr. Gilles Lamarche hosts another Today’s Conversations on Leadership session with John Loud, founder and President of LOUD Security Systems in Kennesaw, Georgia and Chairman of the Cobb Chamber of Commerce in Marietta, Georgia.

Faces of LIFE

Victoria Petruzzella

“There were a couple things that led me to LIFE. I started chiropractic care when I was 10 years old because I hurt my knee and tore my meniscus. I went to two orthopedic specialists, and both of them told me I needed surgery.”