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Club Spotlight: NetworkSpinal Club

Looking for a chiropractic technique club that can supplement the learning of other techniques with a unique approach? Try the NetworkSpinal Club! The club educates students on Network Spinal Analysis, a lesser-known chiropractic method that seeks to help patients connect with the nervous system in order to relieve tension around the spine that results in misalignment. Drs. Amanda and Robert Love are the advisors of the club, spoken highly of by club leadership for their ability to demonstrate the benefits of Network Spinal Analysis.

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Goal Setting in the New Year

Resolve to make actionable goals this year for yourself, not resolutions. Why? Because, typically, the stereotypical and generic New Year’s resolutions to eat healthier or sleep better are quickly forgotten by February due to their intangible nature. Let’s start off this year the right way. Forbes sets forth a realistic pathway for goal setting in their article “This New Year’s Set Goals, Not Resolutions.”

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Trivia: What is a Chiropractic Green Book?

Chiropractic students here at Life University (Life U) learn pretty early on about the distinctive ‘Green Books’ that depict the early history and philosophy of the chiropractic profession. But those new to the chiropractic landscape may want to educate themselves on exactly what ‘The Green Books’ are and why they are important.

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My First Quarter- Jeremy Cerha

I love how many people are in the same [chiropractic] program. You will see people from first quarter all the way up to 14th quarter. We are all in the same boat, all rooting each other on, and we are in it together in the same mission – just being able to walk on campus and have people there supporting you.

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Faces of LIFE- Brendon Pal

D.C. student, President of the Student International Chiropractors Association “We are the future of the profession”   Life in Missouri farming country must have been colorful for Brendon Pal, especially coming from a quaint small town named Violet. Living on a spacious property surrounded by…

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The Body is Brilliant- What Self-Healing Looks Like 

Here at Life University (Life U), it is common for students and faculty to get used to hearing and throwing around terms such as Vitalism and self-healing, but occasionally it can be easy to forget that these life-changing healthcare concepts are not necessarily public knowledge to the rest of the world. If you are new to the Life U community or simply interested in learning more about what Vitalism and self-healing looks like, this article will serve as a solid introduction.

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Thrifting: Kinder to the Planet and Your Wallet

Life University (Life U) is committed to a more sustainable future. This is perhaps most evident in our Human Ecology program, which explores how human behavior impacts the larger environment. To that end, we love to share simple and easy ways that our Life U community can make a positive impact on Mother Earth. There is one everyday lifestyle choice that has substantial environmental implications: fashion.