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Get with the Programming! Defining Computer Information Systems & Technology with Sailaja Pydimarri – Podcast

The exciting world of Computer Information Systems & Technology is constantly changing, so let’s try to clear the path a bit. Sailaja Pydimarri is an Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems for Life University, as well as an accomplished software developer, web designer, database designer and data analyst. She is Sigma Beta Delta Chapter Officer at the University. Pydimarri discusses the growing demand in stem careers, as well as what it looks like as a woman in an often male-dominated landscape.


Parasitic Disease Prevention for Peace of Mind

For those of us that live an active lifestyle spending a fair amount of time outdoors, as well as those of us with pets or spending time around animals, parasitic infection from insects or other sources can pose a threat to our health. A few simple preventive measures can go a long way to keeping ourselves and loved ones safe as we continue to enjoy the beautiful world around us.