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Faces of LIFE: Madelyn Jennings

M.S. in Sport Health Science student, Life U Women’s Rugby player. “Always part of a team”. Just a hop, skip and jump away from New Orleans sits Slidell, Louisiana, the cozy home of Madelyn Jennings. Jennings and her sister Gabrielle grew up on a steady stream of sports, with many of their classmates filling out multiple team rosters due to the lack of numbers in their tiny school. Their parents encouraged them “to pursue new sports and try new things.”

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Student Clinics and Volunteering to Educate Communities, with Joshua Gutkin – Podcast

Joshua Gutkin is a D.C. student and Student Clinician who is maximizing his time while working in a protected Life University clinic environment to build up his soft skills of connecting with the community and communicating effectively the benefits of chiropractic. His main method of doing this is by volunteering with Life Chiropractic Centers at table events in the Metro Atlanta area to spread the message of chiropractic and inform community members about how they can make appointments.

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Podcasting Basics for Enterprising Students

It seems like everybody and their brother claims to have a podcast now. The podcast landscape is an ever-expanding Wild West bursting with potential and possibility. Podcast revenue is forecasted to reach $4 billion in 2024, according to reports from the International Advertising Bureau. Life University (Life U) Business Administration and Computer Information Systems & Technology students may want to consider podcasting as a possible career path or skillset to add to their repertoire.