What has been your most memorable quarter at Life U?

My experience in Life University has been nothing short of amazing. There are a lot of things that I cherish from all my time here on campus but one of the most memorable quarters could be my 1st quarter because of the transition of starting a doctorate degree and also my 9th quarter because in that quarter you officially become a student intern and you have the pinning ceremony. For me it was memorable because it is a step closer to becoming that doctor that you want to be. In addition, I had the fortune and the privilege of my parents to come and be the ones that stand beside me because as their daughter, I want to make my grandmother and my parents proud and that’s a good way to let them know that I made the right decision coming here because Life University has helped me become ,quarter by quarter, the best version of myself, not only as a doctor but as a communicator and as a person.

What led you to be interested in studying at Life U?

Because I’m from Puerto Rico, when Covid started we did the “Lock Down” which led me to start thinking about what I wanted to do since I was one year away from graduating from my undergrad degree in Biology. Because I had graduated from Physical Therapy I wanted to continue in the health field but as a primary care provider. That’s when I started looking online and I came across the Life University social media where they were promoting the Life Leadership Weekend. I came to the following Life Leadership Weekend in April of 2021 with both of my parents… that Saturday I talked with them and told them that this is what I wanted to do and that I wanted to come to Life University. A couple of months later I graduated from my undergrad in May 2021 and started in July the Summer quarter of 2021. One thing that was curious was that my first adjustment ever was here at Life University when I started the program. I believed so much in Chiropractic that I came with my eyes closed but with the certainty that this is what I wanted to do. And because I had been an athlete since I was 5 years old all the way until I represented my high school and my university, I wanted to to know and focus also on athletes which got me to wanting to learn more about it. So I enrolled also into the Sports Health Science master’s program with a concentration in Chiropractic Sports.

Tell us about your experiences with clubs, sports and professional organizations related to your time at Life U. 

My experience with things in addition to the curriculum has been amazing. Since my first quarter I started going to different clubs during the quarter. One thing that has changed my experience during the program has been becoming part of the Student Ambassadors which are an honorary group that is representing the President’s office and Life University in activities like Life Leadership Weekend, webinars, tours, Eagle Madness, Graduation and more events. This group caught my attention when I came to Life Leadership Weekend where I saw them helping and answering questions to the prospective students. When I started in Summer of 2021, I immediately connected with them at Club Day because I wanted to apply. And just like that, I applied, got accepted and in my second quarter I started being a student ambassador after a quarter long recruitment process. Now in my 11th quarter and after 10 quarters of being a student ambassador and being the coordinator of it, I’m so grateful for the opportunity to serve and represent the President’s office and Life University.

What advice would you give to a new or prospective Life U student?

I could give many but the main advice that I could give is that you need to be organized and have a calendar where you put everything that you have to do and all the tests. The program is challenging but the key is to be organized and get ahead with the material. Also, the more you practice, the better you will get. We have more than 50 clubs on campus that focus on different things from business to communication and/or techniques. If you go to at least 2 clubs per quarter you will find the one that resonates with you, you will gain more knowledge and practice. And lastly, classes are important and going to clubs but being mindful and taking care of yourself is also as important as classes because you have to be a healthy person to take care of others, so taking the time to do what you love like the gym, reading, hiking or just taking time for yourself is also very important, the program is challenging but you will do it if you set your mind to it.

What are some of your post-graduation plans?

A year away from graduation I have thought about my post-graduation plans and as of now my plans are to stay in Georgia to associate with visions of opening my own practice and also be the official chiropractor of a team. I’m also planning on staying in touch or connected with the university in any way that I can and become a LifeForce Doctor, which are doctors that help students also make their decision of coming to Life University. I want to help students make the decision that I made one day and that they have someone just like I did to guide them to think of themselves and to go and follow what they are passionate about. My ultimate goal is to have my own practice so I can adjust not only people from the community but families and athletes so everyone have a healthy life with a healthy nervous system.