D.C Student

“Finding your technique”


What made your first quarter at Life U memorable?

I think that what made my first quarter at Life U memorable was meeting a lot of upper quarter students who are very influential and introducing me to different techniques and different clubs and seminars.

Going into Chiropractic, I just kind of thought it was one thing just because I had one doctor who did one technique, and that’s all I thought Chiropractic was. And then coming into school and being introduced to all these awesome upper quarter students, […] it was a little overwhelming, but it was super eye-opening to be able to dabble in a little bit in my first quarter.

And as I continued on with school, I was able to start narrowing down what I actually liked and what I didn’t like and start making my path a little bit more specific.

What surprised you during your first quarter at Life U?

I think what surprised me was how many different techniques there are to Chiropractic and how broad, yet how specific, it truly is.

The philosophy kind of brings Chiropractic together as one united front, but you can do so many different things while maintaining the chiropractic philosophy, and that was a really shocking thing to experience. But it was a really cool thing to explore as well.

You mentioned that you received the Clark E. Rich, D.C Memorial Scholarship. What did it mean to you to receive that assistance?

It’s helped me as it is a good amount of money that goes toward tuition and helps me free up money for other opportunities like seminars or traveling to shadow doctors.

It just means a lot because I put a lot of effort into the essay that I wrote [for the scholarship], and it’s awesome being chosen for a scholarship when you put effort and time into writing that paper. And the fact that they picked me – it was an honor because they obviously must have liked what I had to say.

What advice would you give to a new or prospective Life U student? 

Just get out there and enjoy the opportunities that you have and the time that you have being only in first quarter because, as the program goes on, your time starts to dwindle a little bit because you are focusing more on school, you are focusing more on the increased class load, and then boards and clinics.

Your time starts to go away, so in your first couple quarters, start diving into different clubs and techniques and figuring out what you like early on. So, when you get to the point that you don’t have that much time, you can start honing in into the specifics that you truly want to do.


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