My First Quarter- Heather Garrison

D.C. student and RISE Scholar

“My Kind of People”

What made your first quarter at Life U so memorable?

Probably the relationships that I formed. [I liked] being able to come into such a close-knit program and community. Everyone was very like-minded. Everyone here is so passionate about chiropractic. It was a big shift coming, going from being at home in North Carolina versus being here where you’re surrounded by so many like-minded, passionate people.

I remember there being a distinct shift where I said ‘Okay, these are my kind of people.”

What surprised you during your first quarter at Life U?

I was honestly surprised by how many females there were. I always thought chiropractic was more of a male-dominant field but I believe that my quarter has more females than males. So that was surprising.

I was also surprised by how friendly and helpful everyone was, because again it was another shift from my undergraduate to here. Everyone is like family here and talks to everybody, and everyone is willing to help you. It was different then coming from a big undergraduate, where you were just kind of a number.

What advice would you give to a new or prospective Life U student? 

Reflect on your philosophy and reflect on if this is the right step for you. I would go to the LIFE Leadership Weekend. That was really helpful for me. Reach out and talk to some other students here in the program, because they can give you a good insight of how rigorous the program is and what to expect.

First Quarter students, I would tell them to be active in clubs. Go try everything. You don’t have to necessarily go to every club, every quarter but I would at least try to dip your toe into everything and figure out a [chiropractic] technique you might want to do, because you never know until you try.



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