M.S in Positive Psychology, recent alumnus

B.B.A Business Administration alumnus

Former Life University Men’s Wrestling team member

“Commit, Care and Compete”

Osvani Ley grew up amid the Miami heat and is a first-generation college student who is “very proud to be in that position.” Ley is a B.B.A Business Administration alumnus, and a recent M.S in Positive Psychology alumnus here at Life U.

Ley became drawn to Life U through his passion for wrestling, wanting to continue competing in the sport but not at a Division 1 level simply because he sought balance between academics, athletics and professional work.

“Wrestling for Life U was really an honor. To engage in intercollegiate wrestling at such a high level was an opportunity of a lifetime. […] At first, adjusting to my balance academically and athletically was a little hard but in time, I think after my first quarter, I started to adapt well,” said Ley.

Ley expressed a profound appreciation for the community of student-athletes that he is privileged to be a part of at Life U, coming together to succeed on and off the mat.

“Coach O [Omi Acosta] really emphasizes the 3 Cs that we like to call Commit, Care and Compete,” said Ley.

In his last undergraduate quarter, Ley had the opportunity to accept an internship working for a Christian non-profit called Widow Strong. Life U is well acquainted with the amazing work that Widow Strong does to support and empower widowed families. Life U even hosted a fundraiser event in August 2021 called the “Widow Strong Red Carpet Fundraiser with the Premier of Rebuild & Restore.”

In his role as a bookkeeper, Ley assisted in managing many accounting-related tasks for the organization. At times, this work proved challenging and led to many late nights that also included rigorous studies and juggling 29 credit hours in that final quarter. But Ley gained excellent practical experience, with a high G.P.A. and the opportunity to continue bookkeeping for Widow Strong after the internship period ended.

Ley completed his graduate program in June 2022 and plans to transition into public accounting. He hits the ground running this summer as he starts his Master of Science in Accountancy at Wake Forest University. Life U wishes him the best of luck and hopes to see him achieve even more great things.



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