Friday, August 13, 2021
Faces of LIFE Friday

Keanya Harris
Academic Support Coordinator
Camaraderie and Caring
August 2021

Keanya Harris is an Academic Support Coordinator in the Student Success Center at Life University. She was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, and her family is from the South as well. Her mother is from Mobile, Alabama, and all her family is tight-knit and live in Georgia.

She has had the opportunity to work at Kennesaw State University as well as Southern Polytechnic State University before the merge. “I just love the population; I love this area,” Harris shared. “I felt that working at a private institution in the area would give me great experience.”

Harris has been working in higher education for about 10 years. “I really feel like Life U is one of a kind. It is a great institution that offers awesome resources.”

The Student Success Center is where students can go for resources outside of class regarding academic support, counseling, and disability services. “I am in charge of the peer mentoring program where students can sign up and get a mentor or become a mentee and can get acclimated on campus.” Harris also coordinates skillshops where students can learn about a myriad of subjects from resume writing to time management.

“I also help with the early alert and retention. So, when students get an email where they are starting to fall behind, I am the one that is alerting them about that.”

Harris enjoys being involved on campus. “I’ve been surprised by the comradery on campus and how welcoming everyone is. It’s been very easy to get acclimated,” Harris shared. “At a larger institution you don’t get the same intimacy that you find at Life U.”

Learning about the population she serves and bringing relevant events to campus are two things Harris is passionate about at her job. “I want to be sure to provide resources that I know students will need.”

Lasting Purpose is a key part of Harris’ job. “Working in higher education, you kind of have to have that mindset. It is a field where you have to love, you have to care, you have to be of service.”

Life is unpredictable, and Harris gives some advice for how to deal with the chaos. “Roll with the punches, always keep a positive mindset and take one day at a time.” She also wants to make sure her students are proud of themselves and their progress.





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