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Beat the Heat- Heat Exhaustion Prevention for Summer

These higher-than-normal temperatures that have plagued the start of summer 2022 in Georgia don’t appear to be dissipating anytime soon, reported the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in a recent article outlining the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) forecast predicting an increased likelihood of above-average temperatures across…

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“Tech Neck”: Combatting Neck Strain related to computers and phones

According to an article by the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP) titled “How to Triumph over Tech Neck”, Tech Neck is the shortened form of a relatively recently observed phenomenon dubbed “Tech Neck Syndrome”. Don’t let the cute name fool you, because neck strain is a serious matter that should be addressed sooner rather than later.

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Faces of LIFE- Feaunte Preyear

Feaunte Preyear is the new Title IX Coordinator at Life University (Life U), joining the Life U family on April 11, 2022. She has lived in Mobile, Alabama for the past 25 years and worked for the University of Southern Alabama for the past 15 years. Preyear is originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where she still has family, including her oldest daughter.

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Hidden Figures- Special Student Presentations

Students came together to give their final presentations on a most valuable topic: Hidden Figures in history from Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI), Latino/Hispanic American, Caucasian, Native American & African American Ethnic Groups.  The presentations were conducted by Dr. Marla Thompson’s Spring 2022 Diversity in Organizations class on June 9 in CGUS 131.

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Club Spotlight: Muslim Students Association

At Life University (Life U), we place a high value on Integrity, which at Life U “is defined as a state of completeness or wholeness; adherence to a set of values, implying wholeness of body, mind and spirit; and in our relationships with people and the planet.” Supporting the whole person and community at Life U is paramount to our continued success.

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My First Quarter- Ayman Mahmoud

Diversity is the first thing that comes to mind. But more importantly, it’s a platform where Muslims get to represent themselves, which isn’t always the case in some media sources. Also, inclusivity across cultures/beliefs is huge, I think. In the end, we’re all one kind – humankind.

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Club Spotlight: Green LIFE

Going green and living a sustainable life is a common concept we hear many people talking about, but what does that look like on a practical level? That is what Green LIFE at Life U hopes to explore.