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Faces of LIFE: Jermaine Alexander

Jermaine Alexander is a Cleveland, Ohio native and began working at Life University in June of 2023. Alexander works in the Life U Fitness Center and with the Student Affairs Office, handling the Campus Recreation & Wellness. He is active in creating programs for faculty, staff and students alike; his enthusiasm and energy for the work that he does is palpable from the moment one interacts with him.

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Identifying best fitting walking or running shoes

Getting in a great and safe workout starts with your feet. Making sure you are wearing the best fitting footwear suited to your workout is vital. Everyone wants the trendiest and sexiest looking kicks, but just because something looks cool doesn’t necessarily mean it is going to give you the needed support.

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Dance into Good Health with Zumba

The hum-drum traditional exercise models, such as the elliptical machine, a staple for a solid cardio workout, can begin to feel like a hamster spinning on its wheel. So, the question becomes how to make working out fun again. For some, the answer is the dance workout trend Zumba.

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Dr. Mark Kovacs talks on Life U’s Master in Sports Science, new Tennis Fitness & Sport Science Track- Podcast

It’s time to get active and learn about exciting new developments at Life U, as Dr. Mark Kovacs, Director of LIFE Sport Science Institute (LSSI) and Professor for the Department of Sport Health Science, dives into the particulars of our special Master in Sport Health Science program. He also introduces the brand-new Tennis Fitness & Sport Science Track, designed to give professionals a specialized education targeted toward success in tennis-related fields.

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A bit fit? Examining Fitness Trackers’ Effectiveness

Have you ever had a friend who complained that they didn’t want to work out because they forgot their FitBit or Apple Watch at home and therefore their efforts ‘won’t count’? I have seen this, and I am also guilty of kicking myself for forgetting my beloved fitness tracker watch in the charger at home. This obsessive and seemingly counter-productive fixation on tracking steps and fitness begs the question: Is all this emphasis on digital fitness tracking and wearables even helping people?