Ten years ago, a group of women met to discuss how they as women could help change the face of Chiropractic and the chiropractic profession as a whole. These 17 women created a goal and a vision to offer women around the globe female mentors who could be looked up to for inspiration, empowerment and a sacred space so they too could flourish in this field.

The League of Chiropractic Women (LCW) was born on March 31, 2012. This year, the group celebrates its tenth anniversary. LCW commemorated at their conference, “The LCW Gathering,” held March 17-20, 2022, in Clearwater, Florida.

It is a unique organization “created for women by women” states their website. Their goal is to support other women in the chiropractic profession. A woman does not need to be a chiropractor to join and support this organization, only a desire to help foster women and the chiropractic profession. The one thing all these women have in common is the “universal truth that women excel at creating and nurturing. We have so much to offer our profession on a global level.”

“We needed a place for women. We include all women in this club, not only chiropractors, to promote chiropractors. We want to do things in a profession that has been male-dominated, and we want to see more women on stages and in leadership roles,” said Cynthia A. Boyd, D.C., Director of Projects at Life University (Life U) and a founding member of LCW.

“We provide support to elevate women in the profession,” said Dr. Boyd. The LCW offers many speaking programs and classes for their members, and they are seeing more and more women obtaining important jobs in the chiropractic profession. Additionally, leadership levels for women have risen.

The main goal of the organization when it was formed is the same today as it was 10 years ago. LCW is the voice for all women in Chiropractic, giving women a sacred space to thrive and grow. According to Dr. Boyd, “The goals are the same, but the methods have changed with the times, such as virtual [meetings], and we adapt. Our strategies have changed.”

Life U has been a great supporter and sponsor of LCW since its inception. The relationship between Life U and LCW is a special one because both organizations share a likeminded mission and vision. “We are both subluxation-focused and share a philosophy of Vitalism. We put our heart and souls into sharing and protecting these elements of our great profession,” said Dr. Boyd.

Currently, Life U’s student body is 52% female, and with that in mind, LCW works closely with Life U to help women who are entering the chiropractic profession. There is a student LCW club at Life U, giving women who are studying Chiropractic a strong support base and mentorship.

“Many involved in LCW are Life U grads or are associated with Life U. Also, Life University has been a business partner since the program’s inception, as well as sponsoring many of LCW’s events. Both organizations have a heart for people and Chiropractic, as well as a positive vision for the future,” said Dr. Boyd. “Together, like-minded organizations like Life U and LCW, when partnered together, can exponentially grow our profession and its resources, all while providing resources for women to excel in it.”

For more information, please visit lcwomen.com/about-the-lcw/.


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