Scrolling, scrolling, scrolling … our brains are inundated with tons of information on a moment-to-moment basis whether we are scrolling through social media platforms, streaming services, news articles, recipes or other information that we have available at our fingertips 24/7. There are so many distractions, stressors and overall stimuli that can put our minds and thoughts into overload. It can be difficult to become aware that our thoughts are racing, and it can be even more challenging to calm the mind and find peace. Meditation is one way of calming down those racing thoughts by centering us, grounding us and strengthening our ability to live in the present moment.

If that isn’t enough to motivate you to try meditation, here are some additional game-changing benefits of meditating:

1. Reduces Stress

2. Calms Anxiety

3. Increases Self-Awareness

4. Improves Sleep

5. Helps Control Pain

6. Increases Focus

7. Improves Relationships

8. Improves Mood

Think of the mind as the ocean. The waves at the surface are representative of our thoughts. Sometimes we have many thoughts and a busy mind, like rough, relentless waves. Other times, we have a quieter mind and minimal thoughts, like a calm ocean with smooth waves. Whether your “ocean” is choppy and wild or tranquil with small ripples, if you dive down deep enough into the ocean, it is always still and calm underneath. You can access this peaceful part of your brain through meditation.

Just like working out in the gym and getting stronger with many reps, with a lot of practice, you can calm your mind even from a place of many busy, rushing thoughts. Do not worry if you only start with two minutes, because it is better to start with a small, manageable amount of time instead of overwhelming yourself and giving up altogether. If you struggle with quieting your thoughts, that’s OK, because simply noticing and not judging the thoughts is meditation. It is the beginning steps of quieting the mind.

Not sure where to get started? Life University has FREE meditation resources available through our Compassionate Integrity Training program. These recordings are best used in conjunction with the training but could be a great starting point to begin your journey. There are also many free apps available like Calm, Insight Timer, Headspace and Aura (just to name a few). Wherever you are on your meditation journey, be patient with yourself as you dive deep into the depths of your own ocean to find tranquility and give your thinking mind a break.


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