Student: Doctor of Chiropractic Program

What made your first quarter at LIFE so memorable?

I started in the fall, so that is always one of the biggest classes. I remember CCE 127 was our room almost all day, every day. We had to get acclimated to 7:00 a.m. classes – I thought maybe we’d be starting around 8:00 a.m., so 7:00 a.m. was an adjustment. I had to become this brand-new morning person.

But the teachers really set the stage for the first class we sat in, which was Personal Development with Dr. Harman. That class resonated a lot with me because we didn’t just jump into science, and that meant a lot.

What surprised you during your first quarter at LIFE?

The conversations I had with other students and receiving my very first chiropractic adjustment by another student. She was my first roommate at the school. I saw my body and life begin to change, and it gave me more of a confidence for my future career. Although we all have a story, I felt like I had a “chiropractic” story.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

What we are meant to do is always going to be so much bigger than us, so stay focused on that bigger picture. It’s less about myself and more about how I can serve others. When we do that, the benefits that come from that far outweigh anything else. There’s a different kind of joy to be experienced by putting yourself in that place of Lasting Purpose.

How would you describe your first quarter in three words?

Challenging. Enlightening. Fun.




My 1st Quarter is a campaign featuring students reflecting on their 1st quarter of studies at Life University and why it was so special and unique. All University students (undergraduates, graduates and D.C.) are encouraged to share their experiences in order to help those in future incoming classes get a real-life glimpse of what they can expect as they start a new chapter of their education journeys at LIFE.