Dr. Marc Schneider, who serves as VP for Student Affairs, would like to share the following acknowledgments – or WOWs – with the LIFE community:

“Every quarter, without fail, the Student Affairs team comes together to produce a graduation, orientation and housing move-in that, no matter what happens (and, believe me, a LOT of things happen), those processes consistently happen with a minimum of detectable disruption to our new students and guess, regardless of what’s happening behind the scenes.
So, as I reflected on this past graduation, in which the Student Affairs team produced their first graduation while under pandemic protocols, WOWs just don’t seem like enough. Over the last few weeks, the Student Affairs team has produced a hybrid graduation in which 100 students and 200 family members were able to celebrate their graduation from Life University with a seamlessly smooth ceremony.
Not only that, immediately following graduation, the Housing staff moved and/or relocated 150 residents in order to create the safest possible environment for the 200 new resident students.
Then, without missing a beat, on the Monday following graduation, the entire Student Affairs Division, assisted by Athletics, moved nearly 200 new residents into the Commons and LVR.
And, it didn’t stop there. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the Student Affairs team held an orientation for all of those new students and guests … again, all under pandemic protocols, and with the same high level of organization and implementation that they bring to these events four times a year, every year.
They are an incredible team, with notable leadership and support from Dr. Janna Bredeson, Sandra Terry, Madoline Huff, Wanda Metz and Ginna Smith. Everyone in the Division did an amazing job. I am proud and grateful to be associated with this dedicated group of professionals.
To each and every member of the Student Affairs team, I would like to say thank you and, most of all, WELL DONE!”
With gratitude and appreciation,
Dr. Marc Schneider
VP for Student Affairs