Brenda Boone will be celebrating her fifteen-year work anniversary at Life University in February 2022. As the Director of Special Events in the Marketing Department, Boone works with virtually every department on campus, helping with large, campus-wide events, small individual department events and everything in between. Originally from Tampa, Florida, where her parents still live, she also has a sister who resides in Washington, D.C. Boone moved to Atlanta, Georgia while starting work for Saks 5th Avenue and managing high profile celebrity events, but she wanted to be involved in a more holistically connected environment. Then, Life U had an opening for an Event Coordinator/Graphic Designer position within its Marketing Department, which led to her applying, getting the job and beginning her career at the University.

Boone has always appreciated science and holistic health care, and when she was close to graduating high school, she seriously considered becoming a chiropractor. As much as she was drawn to studying Chiropractic, Boone’s heart brought her to a career in the visual arts industry, stemming from her love of drawing and graphic arts. Back in high school, she even had her own art business, painting portraits. After receiving a full scholarship at American Intercontinental University, she graduated with a B.A. in Visual Communications.

Currently, Brenda manages all campus special events, negotiates off-site event contracts for the school and recently completed an extremely busy fall season with LIFE Vision Extravaganza/Fall CElebration and many of the special events associated with this five-day annual event. If you experienced the Plenary Session, the Lasting Purpose Luncheon or stopped by the Donor Lounge—a typical classroom transformed into a refined, elegant lounge—you saw her creativity firsthand.

“I love when a successful event has concluded, and I see that it has changed and enriched people’s lives, bringing attention to a good cause,” Boone said. “When an event I have worked on is successful, it is euphoric for me, because I want the event to mean so much more than it just being a party where everyone had a good time. I want my work to really mean something and make a difference.”

Boone’s weekly events meetings are a major way she connects with many departments at Life U. “These meetings keep everyone organized, on the same page and prevent event conflicts when multiple events are scheduled on the same days,” said Boone.

Being a resource to every department on campus and helping them with their individual events is an essential part of her job. A few years ago, she was the tour manager for then President Dr. Guy F. Riekeman, visiting 65 cities nationwide, promoting The Power of One tour that led to many students applying and eventually attending Life U. This program had an attendance of 500 people per event, and each tour visited three cities in one week. They would fly to one city; host the elaborate event with massive stage equipment and set-up; tear-down; drive to the second city; then city three; and fly home from there. When this tour was discontinued, Brenda became the Marketing Project Manager, then the Events Manager for Life U. She is currently the Director of Special Events.

Boone feels very fortunate in her career and says she has been very lucky to work with high profile celebrities such as Kevin Costner, Elton John, Alec Baldwin, Jane Seymour and Jeff Goldblum, among others. She also had the opportunity to live in Sydney, Australia for one year, which she says was an amazing experience. “Learning to cook in Celsius degrees was both challenging and fun,” she said. “I was proud to master that.”

What makes Life U different from any other place she has worked? For Boone, it is the holistic and nutritional aspect not only of the programs offered at Life U, but also how it is interwoven throughout Life U’s mission on all levels. Her advice to other Life U family members: “Follow your heart, talent, ambitions and be true to yourself. If you do, things will ultimately work out. Take quiet moments and focus on you. Forget the noise of the world and all the distractions it can bring. Too many people are attached to their phones, instead of joining nature and getting to truly know themselves, hear themselves. Be in tune with nature and connect with the earth; listen, really listen to the trees, the ocean and leave the phone at home.”



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