B.S in Biology Alumna, D.C Student, Orientation Leader

“An Orientation to a Compelling D.C student”

From Lockport, Illinois, Cynthia Cardenas grew up with a large family, as her parents both have a fair number of siblings. In fact, Cardenas has three siblings herself. In her future dreams for her professional life, Cardenas has juggled between interests in both Chiropractic and veterinary practice.

Cardenas had been exposed to chiropractic care personally since the age of 7, receiving care for sports-related back pain. Since then, she has expressed an interest in the profession, and once she was in her first year of college, her chiropractor encouraged her to attend LIFE Leadership Weekend (LLW) to get a bigger picture of what the chiropractic profession and Life University (Life U) are all about. It didn’t take her long to see that Life U was the place for her, so she transferred to the University to complete her undergraduate degree in Biology and then continued to the Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C) program.

“Getting more involved in the chiropractic world and learning new techniques – I think that is very interesting because I originally only knew just a few. So seeing that there is plenty of options ­– I like that,” said Cardenas.

As Secretary for the Animal Chiropractic Club. Cardenas is learning even more unique ways that chiropractic principles can be applied. The Animal Chiropractic Club is a seminar-based club that centers around creating community for animal enthusiasts who are looking for an avenue into animal chiropractic. The club focuses on the business and community side of animal chiropractic, along with how to get certified in the specialized practice. Though Cardenas plans to focus on traditional chiropractic care, she hopes to also one day get certified to perform animal chiropractic and perhaps practice on animals too.

Another activity that keeps Cardenas busy is her position as an Undergraduate Student Orientation Leader. Cardenas is bilingual, which comes in handy to help make sure everyone feels welcome and understood.

“I enjoy seeing everyone not know each other, and by the end of the day, making plans to go out, hang out. So that’s what I enjoy as an orientation leader – helping people as they come here feel more comfortable and feel more at home because I know a lot of people do come from far away,” said Cardenas.

Students are always asking her for advice on how to succeed at Life U. Cardenas really encourages students to make sure they get involved to make their experience “more fun throughout the years.” She also encourages students to become very familiar with the Library and to use the resources at their disposal to learn and grow.



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