B.S in Exercise Science student, Life U Women’s Swim Team member

“Swimming Toward Success”


When you were being recruited by Life U for Swimming, what subjects or departments interested you as you learned more about the University?

I have always considered myself a ‘Science person.’ I think that being an athlete my whole life has made me interested in the subject.

There was a period of time where I had a serious shoulder injury and was not able to swim for a few months. During that time, all I could do was physical therapy in order to heal from my injury. I spent a lot of time in the athletic offices where I could carry out my physical therapy. As I spent more and more time there, I realized how much I was learning and that I could picture myself having a career in the field of Physical Therapy. That is what ultimately led me to pursue my B.S. in Exercise Science at Life University.

As it relates to Athletics, can you tell me how you balance the demands of your academic classes and schedule, paired with your athletic commitments?

The swim team has a very demanding schedule that starts early in the morning and runs throughout the day. I am very time-oriented and have been since I began swimming on club teams. For instance, I will finish work from [academic] Week 2 during Week 1 so that I do not have to worry about it later.

Some people hear that and think “overachiever,” but for me it just comes down to wanting to take my time. Also, our swim meets can normally last an entire weekend – Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In my mind, the last thing I want to be preoccupied with on the day of a [swim] meet is schoolwork. I do all this so that on the day of a [swim] meet, I am 1,000% focused and present.

You’ve been at Life University for two years now … what thoughts or memories come to mind about your experience here?

I remember the first time I stepped on campus, I wanted to start meeting people. So, I said ‘Hi’ to absolutely everyone. It got to the point that people started to come up to me and say, “You say hello to me every single day – what is your name?” And that is exactly how I began to meet people at Life. In fact, I met my best friend in the same way!

I would also give the same advice to a newer student who is just starting out at the University; join clubs, talk to people in your classes and put yourself out there. It’s important to remember that college is a time to make new connections!

What advice would you give to a student or student-athlete who is deciding between Life U and another university?

This is actually something that I have discussed with [athletic] recruits in the past. I would say that you need to figure out whether you want to attend a university that puts a larger focus on the athletic side of the scale, versus the educational side.

There are plenty of universities out there that put athletics first, while education comes second.

That’s not what I wanted – I put school as my number one priority before anything else, then swimming.

I would also recommend that you come and check out the university beforehand. You will get to see the campus and the general flow of things. That way you can be sure you’re making the best decision when you’re deciding between universities.


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