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Slice of LIFE

Building good money-saving habits as a college student

Financial literacy can make a big impact on your life and your future success, paving the way to achieving your most desirable goals. Learning how to properly save money as a college student is a major part of that journey, and the hardest part is figuring out where to start.

Sydney Bickmeyer
Faces of LIFE

Faces of LIFE: Sydney Bickmeyer

Bickmeyer’s biggest piece of advice is for prospective students to come to a LIFE Leadership Weekend and see if they fall in love with the philosophy. “If you don’t love chiropractic philosophy, you are going to get burnt out,” she said

Hannah King
Faces of LIFE

Hannah King

“I was working in the athletic training field, but I found that it was too slow paced for me and had begun thinking of alternatives. I asked my stepdad for advice, and he talked to the (traditional medicine) doctors that he works with and asked what they would do if they could do it over, and the majority of them said that they would be chiropractors!”