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Math+Music@MODA = Community Outreach

Math and music are not typically linked together, but for members of the Society for Mathematics and Computation in Music, they see the distinct connection between these two. Mathematical and music theory is an area that is researched by members of this society. It is a small group of experts who would like to see their field grow in the future. 

Slice of LIFE - Brain Food

Brain Food

Measuring and assessing intelligence can be a very tricky thing, but nearly everyone can be enticed by products that claim to increase their intelligence. For instance, a theory called “The Mozart Effect” claimed that exposing younger children to classical music, specifically Mozart, would speed their...
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Protecting Your Hearing

Our ears connect us to the world around us – from tiny comforts like hearing our family members moving around the house, to pleasures like listening to live music in a crowd, to moments of emergency when you hear a car coming right before you step into the road.