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50 Reasons to Love Life U, for Life U’s 50th Anniversary

Big things are on the horizon for the illustrious Life University (Life U), chief among them our celebration in 2024 of Life U’s 50th anniversary. Imagine it … 50 whole years progressing the cause of Chiropractic, Vitalism and health sciences in higher education. And we only continue to strive more intentionally toward a revitalized healthcare paradigm as agents of positive change.

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Slice of LIFE

Hidden Figures- Special Student Presentations

Students came together to give their final presentations on a most valuable topic: Hidden Figures in history from Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI), Latino/Hispanic American, Caucasian, Native American & African American Ethnic Groups.  The presentations were conducted by Dr. Marla Thompson’s Spring 2022 Diversity in Organizations class on June 9 in CGUS 131.