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Hidden Figures- Special Student Presentations

Students came together to give their final presentations on a most valuable topic: Hidden Figures in history from Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI), Latino/Hispanic American, Caucasian, Native American & African American Ethnic Groups.  The presentations were conducted by Dr. Marla Thompson’s Spring 2022 Diversity in Organizations class on June 9 in CGUS 131.


Dr. Marla Thompson to Speak at Lily Conference

Dr. Marla Thompson, Adjunct Professor of Business at Life University, was recently invited to speak at the Lily Conference for Teaching & Learning in Austin, Texas on January 9-11, 2020. The mission of the Lilly Conferences is to provide a forum to share and model a scholarly…

Faces of LIFE

Jake Hafermalz

Jake Hafermalz came to Life University on a bowling scholarship, and as team captain, he helped form a nationally recognized team. Hafermalz recently completed an internship for Stars and Strikes in accounting and moved to Rawley, North Carolina because he was offered a position at an up-and-coming location. He is finishing up his last three classes online to get his Bachelor’s in Business Administration in December.

Dr. Marla Thompson
Faces of LIFE

Dr. Marla Thompson

Dr. Marla Thompson, adjunct professor since 2010, teaches Marketing courses, Business courses, Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility courses, and Diversity courses here at Life University. Thompson focuses on imparting knowledge to many types of learners, such as traditional, non-traditional, undergraduate, graduate as well as doctoral students – all seeking knowledge for successful careers in the global marketplace.