Keeping up with the latest tech talk is something of a daunting task. For Life University (Life U) B.S. in Computer Information Systems and Technology students, it’s vital to stay up to date on major changes in a field that is constantly experiencing reinvention and innovation. Here are some energetic podcasts to plug into to stay in the know.

Top Computer Science Podcasts

(Adapted from’s article, “10 Best Computer Science Podcasts To Follow In 2023”)

  • Living Life at Life U- Starting close to home, we would be remiss if we didn’t take the chance to remind the Life U community of our very own Living Life at Life U podcast. Life University (Life U) makes a point to engage with students, alumni and friends in creative, innovative ways. We created the Living Life at Life U podcast to generate dynamic content, mind-blowing conversations and new ways for the Life U community to connect with the University. Our host, Dr. Véronica Garcia-Chaparro, is a proud alumna of the Life U D.C. program, a practicing chiropractor and faculty member at the University. The podcast covers all the latest developments at Life U, from academics and chiropractic education to athletics and so much more. Though this podcast is not solely focused on Computer Science, be sure to check in periodically for exciting information and updates on advances in the field coming out of Life U. A particular podcast episode of note for Computer Science students is titled “Get with the Programming! Defining Computer Information Systems & Technology with Sailaja Pydimarri.”
  • Spark with Nora Young- Canadian computer wizard Nora Young serves as a bright light for women coming up behind her in STEM careers. This show is over 500 episodes strong, covering basics of programming all the way up to advanced concepts and the possible applications of artificial intelligence (AI). Listeners can expect to hear weekly updates on technological advances and their impact on the global landscape. For those looking for an interactive element to apply what they are listening to, Young hosts periodic interactive events that invite the audience to take part in the show, encouraging listeners to become “Spark Contributors” as they submit entries to these events.
  • The Code Newbie PodcastNew to coding? Get up to speed fast in this 100+ episode podcast covering web development, data science, programming and technology in a way that is compelling and accessible to beginners. The vast scope of the podcast will help listeners get a good basis for the fundamentals of the IT sector. Presenter Saron Yitbarek regales listeners with stories and interviews about his travels related to coding and meeting people of various skill sets and backgrounds in the field, as well as beginner-friendly tech conversations.
  • Twit: This Week in TechSmart tech up-and-comers should consider tuning into Twit. The roundtable-style weekly conversation has been going on for over 800 episodes. It’s hosted by Leo Laporte and covers pretty much everything related Microsoft and Windows news, as well as other big names in tech like Xbox and Bing. Overall, it’s a good base line to stay keyed into the biggest high-tech changes.
  • Security Now- Co-hosted by Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte, this is the place to delve deep into all things cyber security. Whether you need to brush up on cyber safety tips to protect sensitive data online, or you want to pursue a career related to cyber security, Security Now is a veritable fountain of knowledge. From key software developments to expert analysis, breaking tech news and so much more, add this podcast to your rotation.
  • Programming Throwdown- This is a great jumping off point for beginner programmers. Hosted by Patrick Wheeler and Jason Gauci, this podcast serves as a broad introduction to programming, with the early episodes focusing on presenting an overview of the many different programming languages and levels. Then as the series goes on, it progresses to larger programming ideas, such as design patterns and unit testing.
  • Software Engineering Radio- Host Jeff Dolittle releases a new episode of this podcast three to four times a month, interviewing professionals in the software engineering profession about relevant, wide-ranging subjects of concern to professional software developers.


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