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Marietta, Georgia, October 11, 2019 – Life University students, faculty, staff and alumni gathered in Lyceum Park on Thursday, October 10 for the LIFE Involvement Fair Experience (L.I.F.E.), an unofficial kickoff event for the Fall Quarter.

In addition to being a chance to enjoy food and music, L.I.F.E. provided an opportunity to learn about the more than 70 student groups, clubs and organizations on campus.

“This is a great place, as a new student, to create community,” Dr. Veronica Garcia Chaparro, a LIFE alumna who works in the Office of University Advancement, said about the event. “You’re coming in from different parts of the world and trying to find your niche.”

She pointed out that campus groups are a way for students to support each other, academically and socially, and that those who are engaged in activities are more likely to remain at the University.

“It’s definitely important for students to get involved because it just makes your life here a lot better,” agreed Javier Del Hoyo, a fourth quarter D.C. student who is president of the Gay Straight Alliance and member of Student LIFEforce and the Engage team.

“The atmosphere and the people here at Life University are something that you won’t find at any other university. Everybody here is loving and encouraging,” Del Hoyo said. “They want you to move forward; they want you to do great. From the professors to your peers, everybody wants you to succeed.”

Garcia Chaparro emphasized that being part of the Life University family doesn’t end with graduation.

“It’s really important to stay involved, to also encourage the ones who come after you,” she said. “This is your alma mater At the end of the day, you are shaped thanks to your time here, and it’s shaped you into the professional that you are – alongside the other decisions that you made to get involved outside of campus.”

Del Hoyo encouraged people who are unfamiliar with the University to explore what LIFE has to offer.

“For people who are off campus, take the chance, take the opportunity to come and visit, see what we’re all about,” he added. “And once you’re on campus, you’ll realize that everything that we told you was actually true. It’s a great place to be.”

To learn more about Life University, its degree programs and how to visit campus, visit LIFE.edu.

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