B.S. in Psychology student, Life University Women’s Rugby Team Member


Speaking with Rebekah Salisbury, you immediately realize she is one of those rare people who will reach incredible heights in their future. This is not due to an ability to predict the future. More so, it is the way certain individuals speak with determination and confidence surrounding their life goals, where it is undeniable that they will not stop until those dreams are reached.

Salisbury’s passion for the sport of rugby and her own trajectory as an athlete fuels her as she represents the Life U Running Eagles on the Women’s Rugby team at the University.

Originally from Carmel, Indiana, Salisbury’s athletic background was more aquatic than combat sports-based. Salisbury grew up as a diver, but later in high school transitioned to wrestling. Luckily, her high school had a female rugby club team that she played on during her junior and senior years, which inevitably put her on a path to being recruited for rugby on a collegiate level.

Fast-forward to the 2023 Fall Women’s Rugby season, and Salisbury is playing for one of the nation’s premiere collegiate rugby programs. Interestingly enough, Salisbury was made two offers by the Life U Athletic Department – not just one. Life U Women’s Wrestling had also made an offer for her to be an athlete on their team.

“I couldn’t picture not playing rugby,” Rebekah explains the ultimate decision to represent the Running Eagles on the rugby pitch instead of the wrestling mat. “I am a very extroverted person … there is a strong support system within rugby teams, and I wanted that. Coming here [Life University] was a breath of fresh air. I was ready for a change and wanted to play at this [collegiate] level.”

Salisbury has a phenomenal way of depicting and explaining the team dynamics of a rugby team to those who are not as intimately familiar with the sport. She points to a match the team had against Central Washington and how it was at that moment she realized the synergy that existed on this team.

“If a team doesn’t have chemistry, things are going to be very difficult,” says Salisbury. What she respects about her team is that they are a group that, “[…] walks into everything with a high standard.”

Salisbury is one of those athletes that will constantly reach for the loftiest heights in their respective sports. After only a short time playing at the collegiate level, she was invited and attended a USA Women’s Rugby prospective camp, “[…] my goal is to play for USA Rugby. I’m still so young, and it is really exciting.”

There is no doubt that Salisbury will continue achieving at the highest levels, both on and off of the pitch. Life U is excited to have her as a student-athlete and looks forward to yet another successful season for the Running Eagles.


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