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Dorm Hygiene for the win!

Face facts. Living in close quarters with someone else can get messy – emotionally and with all the darn laundry. It’s a new quarter, so let’s keep it clean!

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TriBeta at Life University

Beta Beta Beta (TriBeta) is a collegiate honor society and academic fraternity for students of the biological sciences. The society recently installed Life University’s (Life U’s) Beta Beta Beta Chapter (Lambda Upsilon Gamma) in December 2023, and Life U is honored to have them here on our campus.

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Oh Canada! How Canadian Chiropractic Students Have Built Community, with Cody Gillis- Podcast

Life University prides itself on the diverse student population that we attract and serve. For example, we do have a significant group of students from the northern neighbor of the of U.S., Canada. Cody Gillis is the Prime Minister of the newly-reformed Canada Club, a group that allows Canadian students and students interested in practicing Chiropractic in Canada to build community and to learn more about the ever-changing practice requirements in that country. The club also breaches the topic of how to adapt what they have learned at Life U to a culture that might have a different viewpoint in terms of care.

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Sleep Hygiene with Dr. Dom Fetterly, Director of the NeuroLIFE Institute (NLI)

“Sleep hygiene is how well you take care of your sleep routine. With that, how well do we take care of our brains so they can sleep and recover well so that they can heal better? Often the cases and the folks we see here at NeuroLIFE Institute (NLI) – they’re in a position where optimal healing needs to come from any avenue that we can find. Sleep is often a controllable factor and often worthwhile endeavor to explore with patients,” explained Dr. Dom Fetterly, Director of NLI.

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Exploring Student LIFEforce and Student Ambassadors

Student LIFEforce (SLF) is an extension of LIFEforce, involving Life U students who are passionate about Chiropractic and feel called to support Life U by sending students to the University and shifting the healthcare paradigm in the world.

The Mission of the Life University Student Ambassadors is to promote the vision, growth and quality of Life University by optimizing the experience of current students, prospective students and special guests.

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Roswell, Georgia – April 22, 2024 – Life Chiropractic Centers (LCC) always makes a point to connect with the local community, having fun with them while also sharing vital information about access to chiropractic care. Their latest public event attendance was at the Alive in Roswell (also known as Alive at 5) festival, a free monthly arts & music festival on Historic Canton Street held every third Thursday evening of the month from April through October.

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Faces of LIFE: Samantha Clark

In the dynamic tapestry of Life University (Life U), there exists a role that encapsulates the very essence of student growth and development, showcasing Life U’s Lasting Purpose. Meet Samantha Clark, the Director of Engagement and Career Services, whose journey intertwines seamlessly with the heartbeat of our institution.

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Bridging Athletics with the entire Life U Community, with Tatiana Warman – Podcast

If you are familiar with the geography of the Life U campus, you might notice that it is somewhat split into two halves by our main street, Barclay Circle. Students heavily engaged in Athletics or Sport Health Science programs spend much of their time on the side nearest Rottenwood Creek, while most other academic endeavors of the University occur on the opposite side. Tatiana Warman, Director of Athletic Health, talks about how this artificial divide can be isolating and she hopes more ways can be found to help the whole campus feel more connected. She also discusses her career at Life U first as an athletic trainer, which has expanded into a larger administrative role that gives her the chance to make an even broader impact.

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7th Quarter Stretch, Student LIFEforce and Pediatric Chiropractic with Alexis Luttrell – Podcast

Sometimes the call to a chiropractic career can come rather unexpectedly and dramatically, as was the case with D.C. student Alexis Luttrell. After a fateful visit to Life U campus with a friend, she fell in love with the campus and the philosophy, quit her waitress job and began working in a chiropractic office for several years before enrolling in chiropractic school. She now serves as V.P of Student LIFEforce and President of Pediatric Experience, ever-hungry for more knowledge about what it takes to succeed in her chosen field.

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The Life University Marketing Team Reflects on the 50th Anniversary and Future Hopes

It is the role and responsibility of any good university marketing team to constantly champion and commemorate the accomplishments of their institution. When the spotlight turns on us, however, we can get a bit shy, yet it is important to celebrate wins big and small. The Life University (Life U) Marketing team was recently recognized in a number of categories for the 2023 Collegiate Advertising Awards. This included five Gold awards in Blogs, Webcasts/Podcasts, Virtual Tours, Brochures and Miscellaneous categories. Life U also received a Silver award for its new 50th Anniversary logo.