Dr. Lydia Dever, who serves as Division Chair for Chiropractic Sciences, would like to recognize a group of students who jumped at the chance to be of service.

Dr. Dever writes, “Week 0, I was asked by Marketing for access to the simulated patient or PAT Lab, so they could take pictures for a promotional piece. My first response was, ‘No problem!’ until I was asked if it could be done Week 1 and if there could be students in the lab. Considering all the things happening Week 1, I didn’t see how I could interrupt the teaching schedules and re-route one of the technique labs to the PAT Lab. But, then I called on a group of highly dedicated students who I knew would back me up, and they did. I received a reply within 30 minutes of sending an email asking if there could be 10 to 12 students available on Thursday of Week 1.

They all showed up, happy to be a part of it! Super proud of my Gonstead Club President, club officers and members. They support each other in the same exemplary way, and without question. I had the force plate set up, so we had a blast posing for the pictures, and it became a friendly competition to see who was better, which prompted a whole new series of pictures. These students deserve the highest of praise!”

Cooper Sciascia

Steven Gage

Jared Croskey

Jessica Leverenz

Peter Harris

Juli Juong

Mollie O’Hara

Rachel O’Rear

Joshua Rodriguez

Dylan Evans

Vincent Sclafani