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Slice Diet 8 8 2022
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How a Natural Anti-Inflammatory Diet Can Improve Health

When we talk about food, proper diet, nutrition and health, typically people worry about sugar, calories, sodium and fat. Yet there is another major factor that people should take into consideration, which is the potential for inflammation in the body. Inflammation is a natural healing response of the body, but like other bodily processes, it can get out of hand.

Slice of LIFE - Brain Food

Brain Food

Measuring and assessing intelligence can be a very tricky thing, but nearly everyone can be enticed by products that claim to increase their intelligence. For instance, a theory called “The Mozart Effect” claimed that exposing younger children to classical music, specifically Mozart, would speed their...
Jennifer Baugh
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Jennifer Baugh

After watching family and friends suffer from health problems, Jennifer Baugh’s passion to help was fueled. As she witnessed first-hand the ravages of multiple sclerosis on her mother, her father’s cirrhosis of the liver, a friend’s breast cancer and multiple other family members with diabetes, she knew that she wanted a way of providing them with the help and guidance that could potentially have a very positive effect on their health.