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Learning Self-Compassion

The sad truth is, we are often our own toughest critics. Day in and day out, we suit up with our bright red boxing gloves, throwing gut punches. It’s no wonder we leave the rings of our minds feeling battered and bruised. There has to be a better way.

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Goal Setting in the New Year

Resolve to make actionable goals this year for yourself, not resolutions. Why? Because, typically, the stereotypical and generic New Year’s resolutions to eat healthier or sleep better are quickly forgotten by February due to their intangible nature. Let’s start off this year the right way. Forbes sets forth a realistic pathway for goal setting in their article “This New Year’s Set Goals, Not Resolutions.”

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Faces of LIFE- Amber Sproule

Amber Sproule grew up in Middle Georgia, and she is the second oldest of five kids. Sproule’s older sister graduated last quarter from the chiropractic program at Life University (Life U), so a vitalistic approach to education clearly runs in the family. “Life University caught my eye because of the holistic and vitalistic values and because it is one of the very few colleges in Georgia that offers dietetics as a degree. I also loved the peaceful campus environment and that it was close to my family,” said Sproule.

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Work Life Balance

Once upon a time, the boundaries between work and home were fairly clear. But people have actually struggled with work-life balance issues for generations – and today, those lines are frequently blurred.