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Healthy Movement: A Key to Lifelong Wellness

At the NeuroLIFE Institute at Life University, we emphasize the critical role of maintaining a healthy level of movement or activity for overall well-being. While reducing symptoms is important, achieving and sustaining health extends far beyond that. One fundamental aspect of this holistic approach is encouraging patients to incorporate regular physical activity into their daily routines.

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Faces of LIFE- Catherine Clement

Prior to attending Life University (Life U), Catherine Clement owned and operated Stabilize Studios, a Pilates and movement rehabilitation studio in Raleigh, North Carolina. Her primary concentration in that business revolved around providing support for individuals with movement issues, particularly those related to scoliosis. Many people might think of Pilates as a trendy exercise regiment, but Clement’s clients typically came to her to alleviate systemic health issues as opposed to simple aerobic enjoyment.

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Flexibility & Range of Motion

As children we take our flexibility for granted; it is an unseen factor in how kids are able to bounce up off the ground without being hurt and shield away many of the mysterious aches and pains their parents are concerned about. However, over time, this aura fades away, and our health is something of which we must become increasingly aware.