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For Love of Chiropractic Philosophy, Clinical Application and Closed Safety Pins w/ Dr. David Bell – Podcast

Dr. David Bell came to a chiropractic career through his love of wisdom, which led him to Chiropractic and the philosophical foundations that the profession was built upon. Now as a Faculty Clinician and Assistant Professor in the Chiropractic Sciences department, Dr. Bell leads his clinic students through how chiropractic philosophy functions in real-world scenarios.

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Faces of LIFE- Dr. Tom Le Lievre

Dr. Tom Le Lievre was born in Jersey in the Channel Islands, a self-governing dependency of the United Kingdom (UK). As a student-athlete, Dr. Le Lievre became a patient of Jean-Pierre Meersseman, D.C., the former Medical Team Director at AC Milan football club, and developed an interest in Chiropractic through that experience.