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Trivia: What is a Chiropractic Green Book?

Chiropractic students here at Life University (Life U) learn pretty early on about the distinctive ‘Green Books’ that depict the early history and philosophy of the chiropractic profession. But those new to the chiropractic landscape may want to educate themselves on exactly what ‘The Green Books’ are and why they are important.

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Faces of LIFE- Brendon Pal

D.C. student, President of the Student International Chiropractors Association “We are the future of the profession”   Life in Missouri farming country must have been colorful for Brendon Pal, especially coming from a quaint small town named Violet. Living on a spacious property surrounded by…

Slice Thursday Oct7

#TBT – Dr. Joe Lupo On The Importance of Student Recruitment Events – (2017)

“Without Life University, Chiropractic would morph into medicine. I go back with Life U all the way back to 1975 when it was a brand-new school. When I arrived, it was only six-months- old with a total of 100 students. I had the opportunity to watch the school grow. We were here to change the world when Chiropractic was in dire straits after B.J. Palmer died in 1961 and lost its leadership. Continuing to expand the reach of Chiropractic is why student recruitment events are so important.”