A flexible education schedule is a successful education schedule. LIFE Flex is an innovative approach to course delivery that provides students with flexibility and multiple learning opportunities. In Fall Quarter 2021, students had the ability for the first time to choose to engage with classes in three different learning styles: face-to-face experience on-campus; synchronously (real-time) online; or in some cases, in a self-guided, asynchronous (not real-time) option for portions of courses. Online offerings are accessed via Blackboard, Life U’s learning management system.

In this student-directed learning experience, students are in the driver’s seat deciding how, where and when to engage with professors and classmates. This allows for more control over student’s daily schedules and access to robust learning resources both in-person and online.

Effective for the 2021 Fall Quarter, all Life University lecture classes utilized the LIFE Flex format. In order to encourage proper engagement, there are attendance expectations in place to ensure academic excellence.

Students are expected to attend lecture classes in person for at least 70% of total lecture sessions throughout the quarter. Students who attend less than 70% of in-person lecture classes will have their grade lowered, which can result in failure of the course. Laboratory sessions require extensive hands-on and in-class participation, so attendance is individually set and outlined specifically in course syllabi. There will be no remote options for laboratory sessions.

To participate remotely in a LIFE Flex course, there are a number of technological requirements, including a device operating on Windows 10 or Mac OS X (10.14 or higher), a current word processor, microphone, webcam and broadband internet. Life University email should be used. For technical support, students should contact Information Technology at ITSupport@life.edu.

For more information on LIFE Flex, please visit life.edu/academic-pages/life-flex/.


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