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Building Your Self-Motivating Muscles

Do you often feel like your get-up-and-go has got-up-and-gone? Do you get a burst of raw enthusiasm to start a new project only to have your drive to complete it fizzle out like a dud grenade? You are not alone. Self-motivation can be a tough skill to learn, one that must be constantly exercised.

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Slice of LIFE

Toxic Positivity- How Positivity can Become Negative

Ever meet someone so unfailingly positive and chipper that it grated on you like sitcom nails on a chalkboard? Of course, there is nothing wrong with positive thinking, optimism and a sunny disposition, but there is a dark side to positivity if it is continually prioritized over all other types of feeling. Psychology Today tackles the issue head on in their article aptly named “Toxic Positivity.”