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Intermittent Fasting- Benefits and Concerns

Health-minded individuals have probably heard the term ‘intermittent fasting’ thrown around in recent years, but what exactly does it look like, and is it good for you? In general, like any other form of dieting or nutrition management, the effectiveness of intermittent fasting varies by the individual and should be discussed with your primary care professionals.

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Meat in the Middle- Eating Less Meat for Improved Health

When it comes to the subject of whether people should eat meat, the thought is fraught with many seemingly black-and-white ethical and health considerations. The assumed sentiment often seems to be either someone is a regular meat eater or that they need to be a vegetarian, but in fact, the matter is not nearly so cut and dry.

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For a Happy, Healthy Heart

With Valentine’s Day this month, a happy heart can mean several different things. We talk of “matters of the heart” when what we really mean are “matters of the brain,” our psychological and emotional selves. But there is another form of a happy heart, which...