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Turning varied passions into community service, with Dr. Thomas Wuerth – Podcast

Dr. Thomas Wuerth is a very busy and very active person. Not only is he an Assistant Professor of Clinical Sciences for Life University (Life U), but he also owns Woodstock Jiu Jitsu and serves as its head instructor. Dr. Wuerth speaks on the joys of his job at Life U, as well as how it intersects with his work at the Jiu Jitsu studio. Dr. Wuerth is also holding quarterly situational awareness self-defense seminars for Life U students and staff to gain hands-on knowledge about how to stay safe and be aware of surroundings.


Trivia – What is an Anatomage Table?

Faculty members at Life University worked to evaluate lecture and laboratory scores of first-year chiropractic anatomy students. The goal was to establish whether students learning on the Anatomage Table would meet similar assessment objectives as students learning on anatomical models or cadavers.