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Health Care Professionals With The Armed Forcs Slice Of Life Sol Blog Post
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Opportunities for Health Care Professionals with the Armed Forces, with Dr. Michael Smith and Dr. Saphronia Johnson-Podcast

Dr. Michael Smith, Ph.D, Associate Dean of the College of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies (CGUS) and Dr. Saphronia Johnson, Ph.D, Assistant Dean of Natural Sciences, recently represented Life University in a partnership with the U.S Armed Forces to help connect students with work opportunities and tuition coverage though military service. Learn more about the benefits of caring for troops and veterans in this podcast.

Life U Women's Flag Football, With Coach Jenitra Shields Slice Of Life Sol Blog Post
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Paving new paths with Life U Women’s Flag Football, with Coach Jenitra Shields- Podcast

Life University is making history with forming one of the first collegiate Women’s Flag Football teams, as well as being the first to provide scholarships for the sport. Life U is currently being honored in the Chick-Fil-A Hall of Fame for these efforts. Coach Jenitra Shields gears up for the inaugural season and hypes up the Life U Running Eagles to cheer their team on and even consider participating.

Education Transforming Lives Through Slice Of Life Sol Blog Post
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Education transforming lives through The Chillon Project, with Dr. Thomas Fabisiak, Michelle Morrison and Kareemah Hanifa- Podcast

Today’s topic is a big one, highlighting the historic work of The Chillon Project, a Life University initiative providing higher education to people impacted by the prison system in Georgia. Our special guests are Dr. Thomas Fabisiak, Director of the Chillon Project, along with Chillon graduates Kareemah Hanifa and Michelle Morrison.

6 Fun Nutrition Websites Mon10th Slice Of Life Blog Post Template1l
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In the Know- 6 Fun Nutrition Podcasts to Try

Whether you are a diligent Life University (Life U) student supplementing a rigorous nutrition or dietetics education in the classroom or simply wanting to lead a healthier lifestyle, there is so much information offered through informed podcasts on nutrition. Let’s introduce a few options that you might like to listen to on your commute or when you have some downtime.