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Chemistry with Heart, with Dr. Robin Nelson – Podcast

Sometimes it can seem like Life University’s (Life U) Graduate and Chiropractic programs get more than their fair share of attention, but our University also offers unique and vigorous Undergraduate programs. Dr. Robin Nelson, Assistant Professor of Natural Sciences, is the chemistry queen here at Life U, teaching General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry, required for many undergraduate degrees and beyond. She discusses the differences of teaching in the past at a large school (Auburn University) versus the more holistic environment of Life U.

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Functional Neurology as a Chiropractic speciality with Dr. Cassandra Jimenez – Podcast

To become a board certified Chiropractic Neurologist like Dr. Cassandra Jimenez is no small feat by any stretch of the imagination. It required 300 hours of post-doctorate courses and several rounds of testing. It just goes to show that extra bit of care and effort Dr. Jimenez gives for her patients and her students as a Life U Adjunct Professor. Today’s episode is a great primer for students interested in Functional Neurology or learning about a fascinating chiropractic speciality they may not have had as much exposure to.

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For Love of Chiropractic Philosophy, Clinical Application and Closed Safety Pins w/ Dr. David Bell – Podcast

Dr. David Bell came to a chiropractic career through his love of wisdom, which led him to Chiropractic and the philosophical foundations that the profession was built upon. Now as a Faculty Clinician and Assistant Professor in the Chiropractic Sciences department, Dr. Bell leads his clinic students through how chiropractic philosophy functions in real-world scenarios.

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An Introduction to LIFE Chiropractic Centers- Roswell Road Location with Dr. Crystal Hickman – Podcast

If you have had the pleasure to work in or be treated in LIFE Chiropractic Centers (LCC)- Roswell Road location, then you hopefully have seen the smiling face of Head Clinician Dr. Crystal Hickman. Her passion for patient care and Chiropractic with excellence are admirable traits that are exhibited throughout the clinic and all of LCC.

For more information about how to connect with LIFE Chiropractic Centers, visit

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Coming to Chiropractic later in life, now supporting future chiropractors with Dr. Eric Clark – Podcast

Building a rapport early on in the D.C. program with key professors that can help shape and mold students into confident chiropractors is a gift that keeps on giving to the students and to the educators. Dr. Eric Clark is an Assistant Professor in the College of Chiropractic and he speaks about the students in his classes almost like a proud dad, eager to see his early quarter students progress and grow. He especially loves to see them at Clinic Gateway, receiving their clinic coats for the first time as they prepare to work in student clinics.

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Dissecting the Anatomy of the Anatomage Lab with Dr. Eric Partin – Podcast

To know how to facilitate healing in the body, you must first know the ins and outs of how the body works. Dr. Eric Partin is an Associate Professor of Basic Sciences with Life U, specifically teaching Anatomy and Physiology. One major tool that Life University uses to familiarize students with all the parts of the human body and different interferences that can affect it is through Anatomage tables. Dr. Partin is kind enough in this podcast to pull back the curtain on some of the great features and learning tools available through this cutting edge technology.

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The Run Down: Sport Health Science and Spinal Cord Injury Specialty Interest, with Gustavo Duran – Podcast

Gustavo Duran is a fascinating individual who has taken his M.S. in Sport Health Science education at Life University and ran with it. He now works as an Associate Professor of Sport Health Science for Life U, teaching four classes currently for the program. He has a rather compelling career history, most notably his work with the Shepherd Center, addressing spinal cord injuries.