The Division of Student Affairs is constantly striving to develop students to lead, learn, innovate, problem solve and contribute to the betterment of the world. As the University has been unfolding the reorganization of many areas across campus, it became necessary to review the current structure of the Division of Student Affairs.

The process of the Division of Student Affairs reorganizing for next steps began at the Strategic Planning meeting in March of this year. The meeting was attended by the directors and most coordinators. There were three fundamental questions placed before the group for discussion:
  • What organizational structure would increase effectiveness and efficiency?
  • How should information flow (within SA and to the students)?
  • What skills do we need to transfer to our students?
To improve and become a more effective and efficient organization, as a result of the Strategic Planning meeting and suggestions made, Student Affairs has reorganized into three main areas:
  • Compliance
  • Operations
  • Student Experience
Dr. Marc Schneider, Vice President of Student Affairs, will oversee:
  • All Student Affairs areas and student related issues
  • Dean of Students – Dr. Janna Bredeson
  • Compliance – Melissa Waters
  • Operations – Jeremy Faulk
  • Student Experience – Dr. Lisa Rubin
  • Campus Safety Manager – Robert Koker
Dr. Bredeson, Dean of Students, will oversee:
  • Assessment of each area’s effectiveness
  • Compliance
  • Operations
  • Student Experience
  • Portal of entry for any student issues
  • CARE
  • SBAT
  • Housing and Residence Life
  • Complaint resolution
  • All other student related issues
  • Student Affairs Assessment and Project Management – Jennifer Stroble, Director
  • Student Affairs Technical Support
Melissa Waters, Senior Director of Student Administration and Compliance, will oversee:
  • Financial Aid – Jessica Magazu, Director
  • Student Accounts – Phyllis Shropshire, Director
  • Student Advocacy – Student Advocates
  • Disability Services – Dr. Genelle Haney, Director
  • Student Conflict Resolution and Accountability – Andre Clanton, Director
  • Graduation Eligibility – Patricia Jackson, Coordinator
Jeremy Faulk, Senior Director of Student Affairs Auxiliary Services, will oversee:
  • Associate Director Auxiliary Operation
  • Retail Services
  • Dining and Catering
  • Vending
  • Shuttle Services
  • Card Services – Ty Russel
  • Housing Operations – Madoline Huff, Assistant Director
  • Camps and Conferences
  • Housing Operations Manager
  • Residence Life – Residence Life Coordinators (LVR/Clarissia Collins & Commons/Devvon Horn)
Dr. Lisa Rubin, Senior Director of the Student Experience, will oversee:
  • Student Engagement and Leadership – Danae Glanton, Director
  • Campus Recreation – Ryan Tubbs, Coordinator
  • Counseling – Vincent Hinton, Director
  • Career Services – Sue Dudt, Director
  • Orientation – Sandra Terry, Director
The new reorganization and reporting structure helps to support the Mission of Student Affairs, which is to empower students to become thriving members of society by enhancing their engagement, development and success through comprehensive, intentional and student-centered programs. This is accomplished with a commitment to growth and transformation while embracing our values of Lasting Purpose, Vitalism and Integrity.
Please contact the Dean of Students, Dr. Janna Bredeson, with any questions at