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Faces of LIFE

Erik Doherty

Doherty enrolled at LIFE because it felt like a no brainer. “My mother was holistic, and I was always around Chiropractic growing up,” Doherty said. “When something went wrong, we would get adjusted, eat some good food, rest and trust that the body functions to fix itself.”

Faces of LIFE

Ben Bayless

During his exploration into preventive health care, Bayless was searching for anything and everything. “I was a fitness trainer for a few years because I believe a healthy lifestyle of exercise and eating well can prevent chronic disease. After a while I wanted to take it a step further and began looking for what came next.”

Faces of LIFE

Shannon Craig

Shannon Craig enjoyed being a pharmacy technician because she loved learning new things but kept asking the pharmacist: “How do you understand how all these drugs interact, and how do you protect your patient?” Ultimately, she felt uncomfortable not knowing how her involvement was affecting others…